Application for a User Account to Access Electronic Information Services
of the Max Planck Society (MPG) via the GWDG

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A user account is requested to access any of the following services of the MPG:

Literature databases under OVID
Max Planck Virtual Library:

Date: January 30, 2015

The requested user account will only be used in connection with my work at an authorized institute. I explicitly assure that results obtained under this account will not be used for commercial purposes.

I understand that the requested user account will be assigned to me personally and that I will be held responsible for appropriate use.

I understand that after my user account expires, all data stored under my account will be deleted.

I agree that my statements in this application will be stored and transmitted by email to the local OVID contact person of my institute.

I would like to make the following comments:

Special provision for use of the OVID databases:

The OVID databases are accessed via a gateway at the GWDG; the server itself on which the searches are being performed is hosted by Ovid Technologies in the USA.

Concerning the privacy of personal user data, the following policy has been mutually agreed upon between MPG and Ovid Technologies.
I am aware of these provisions and give my consent to the fact that my user profile data will be stored on the OVID server in the USA. I affirm my authorization by entering "yes" in the following field: *

Recommendation: Please print out this page for your records and future reference.