Notes for the application for a user identification by the GWDG

A user identification for the computers and computer networks of the Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen (GWDG) can only be allocated if you applied with the help of the web mask “Application for a user identification”. The filled in data will be saved in a data base.

The GWDG offers two procedures for every institute:

The GWDG encourages all institutes to take part in the electronic procedure, because the processing of the application will be much faster and the security while transferring the data is guaranteed. Institutes which do not already take part in the procedure but which would like to attend now are asked to call 0551 201-1510 or send an e-mail to

Filling in of the application form and completeness of details

The application form consists of two parts: the actual application and the questionnaire on data protection. Both parts have to be filled in correctly and entirely. After having clicked on the button "Send", you will either be requested to print the actual page or you will get the information that your data have been transmitted to the managing director of your institute in order to be granted, depending on the procedure the institute opted for.

In the first case, please print this web page and sign it. Please let it be signed by the managing director of your institute as well and send the application form to the GWDG afterwards.

In the second case, you do not have to do anything else.

The application is based on the Terms of Use for the GWDG which can be obtained in the computer centre at the information desk or on the internet.

The designated user is responsible for the correctness and completeness of the details in the application. The text in the web mask must not be changed, because otherwise the application cannot be dealt with. When in doubt, please contact the GWDG.

All changes with regard to the stated details in the application have to be reported in writing to the GWDG immediately. Just a change of an institute can be communicated via the available web mask.


Due to the responsibility of the managing directors or the departmental managing directors within the medical faculty that results from the application form and the rules of using the computers and computer networks of the GWDG, the signature of a deputy or any other authorized representative on the application is only sufficient if the GWDG received a written power of attorney. The duration of the authorization has to be clearly stated in the power of attorney, and it has to be stated in particular that the authorized person is also responsible for the supervision of the users of the institute which is entitled to use the computers and computer networks of the GWDG. A power of attorney is not necessary if this responsibility of the representative of an institute that is entitled to use the computer networks of the GWDG is ensured according to the law or according to the statutes. If the application is signed by a representative, it is necessary to add the legible name of the representative in addition to the signature on the printed version.

Approval of the application

When the GWDG has received the printed and signed version of the application or when the approval of the managing director is available in in the electronic procedure, the user receives a user ID and an account number if all the formal and factual conditions of an authorization for using all the computers and computer networks of the GWDG are fulfilled.

Allocation of the password

In the web application form it can be chosen whether the user identification with the respective password is supposed to be collected personally or whether it should be sent to an institutes's address. If the user identification is collected personally, your passport has to be shown. If the user identification is supposed to be sent to your institute, please make sure that no unauthorized person opens your mail.

Expiring of the using permission

The using permission expires under the conditions that are stated in Article 3 of Terms of Use for the GWDG. The GWDG should be informed in an informal way, when user identifications are no longer needed, in order to ensure that these user identifications cannot be used unnoticed by unauthorized persons. This is especially necessary, when employees of an institute leave. After the using permission expired, all data that was saved on the data media under the affected user identification, will irretrievably be deleted.

Deletion of the application

If the printed version of the application is not received by the GWDG within the next 14 days, all the saved data of this application will be deleted again. In this case the application will not be dealt with any further.